Summer is in full-swing and with the Fourth of July already on our doorsteps, it’s time to talk about everything outdoor entertaining. 

“Nothing shows a person’s kindness more than entertaining.”

- Bunny Williams

Of course, you want your outdoor space to feel like it’s outdoors, but it’s important to consider the layout and seating arrangement just as you would for an indoor space where people gather. Bunny says that the trick to an effortless outdoor space is making sure you have a comfortable place for guests to talk.

If you’re planning on entertaining, having enough seating and thoughtfully placed surfaces for drinks and nibbles creates an easy flow. Consider a large buffet - a main surface that can hold a makeshift bar and that is generous enough in size to hold a spread as well.

Making it easy for people to be able to help themselves when entertaining outdoors makes it easier for you, too! When hosting people for an outdoor party, Bunny opts for a stack of plates, a big salad, and a tray of sandwiches. “You don’t want to be carting things back and forth, which is why I usually make a huge salad with chicken, and for dessert, I’ll do a big bowl of seasonal local fruit.”

“Setting a table is like painting a picture”

- Bunny Williams

A buffet and informal setting doesn’t mean you have to skip the special table setting - far from it! Bunny’s Watercolor Iris Melamine Dinnerware is perfect for the outdoors - it is break proof, and the bold design in that classic blue and white combination works so well. Bunny loves blue and white on a deep pink table cloth, or try it with rustic, earthy tones inspired by you surroundings.

Wrap a knife and fork in a linen napkin, tie with a pretty ribbon, and put them in a basket so you guests can easily carry them when finding their place to eat. Bunny’s Bamboo Tortoise Flatware, tied in a luxurious white napkin would look fabulous stacked in one of our Deco Hand-Blocked Trays.

“Some of nature’s offerings can add the perfect touch.”

- Bunny Williams

The browns and earthy colors in the Melange collection are so suited to outside as they really tie together all of the colors of a garden and would look wonderful surrounding around a centerpiece of potted plants.

In the July heat, ice buckets are a perfect addition to your entertaining checklist. There’s nothing more refreshing than a crisp rose or white wine and having an ice-bucket readily stocked saves you having to run back and forth to the kitchen.

Most importantly, you need to enjoy yourself too! Host a party you can handle - keeping things simple will allow you to have a better time and if you’re relaxed, your guests will be too.