Blue and white is an iconic combination. Whether in a beach cottage or an urban apartment, there’s always a way to use the serene and timeless colors. Bunny says “the colors in your room need to connect to the view outside your window” - blue and white as a scheme embodies that notion; the blue of the sky and the white of clouds are present everywhere and may be why the colors always feel so natural.

“I think it is important to choose colors that are easy to live with.”

- Bunny Williams

A great technique to use when it comes to introducing more blue and white is layering. Our new Penelope bed is a good base - the turquoise trim adds a subtle hum of blue and layering different shades will build the color up in a way that’s not too matched.

Introducing texture is another fantastic way to get blue and white right. Our Bambala pillows, with their rustic applique, continue to build the look and really bring everything together. The Desarae throw is another fantastic textural element.

Of course, another beautiful way to make the most of the combination is through a stunning table setting! Crisp white flowers are so chic next to Bunny’s Campbell House Dinnerware Collection. Try hydrangeas for volume and texture. Unassuming white tulips, cut short and placed in a cachepot, like Bunny’s Silver Wire Cachepot, are a casual addition that completes the table. When it comes to blue and white in a table setting, or even in a kitchen, adding one more punchy color can really highlight the combination. A big blue and white china bowl brimming with lemons is divine!