If there’s one thing we know, it’s that Bunny is absolutely passionate about animals, especially her darling dogs! Making a home that can withstand the everyday wear and tear of pet traffic can conjure up thoughts of dark fabrics, plain practical rugs and pet toys scattered everywhere. But there is certainly a compromise, and Bunny has some easy tips for making your home as comfortable as possible for you and your furry family!

“How we live with our animals must be considered so as to make sure our homes are pleasant for everyone”
- Bunny Williams


A good place to start is with fabrics. You have to be practical with fabrics, but practicality doesn’t mean boring. There is a suitability factor. Bunny uses lots of cottons and linens. Slipcovers can be lifesavers - Bunny suggests buying extra fabric and making two sets so if there are guests arriving last minute, or your cheeky friend has made themselves comfortable after a muddy walk, you can easily switch the dirty one out.

Of course, there are amazing all-weather fabrics available now which can be great options for indoor use when you need furniture in a high traffic area like a family room.

"Make the protection look like a part of the decoration."
- Bunny Williams


Rugs really bring a room together, and having pets around doesn’t mean you have to forgo them! Sisal carpet is not the best option for pet owners, as the broken fiber is very absorbent and will hold a stain. Sea grass, a natural, whole fiber, is much more forgiving.

Bunny’s line of rugs with Dash & Albert includes some striking selections that are 100% pet friendly and work for both indoor and outdoor use. They’re durable, elegant, and introduce wonderful depth to a space.

Storing supplies for your pets can also complement your scheme - try a large wicker basket to hold toys. Another stylish tip Bunny suggests is to find interesting flat-bottomed heavy bowls for water - she puts them in the kitchen and any room in which the dogs sleep. “Small Chinese fish bowls or the bottom of a porcelain tureen work perfectly”