Bunny has admired and followed New Orleans artist Mallory Page for some time. In fact, we used one of Mallory's paintings in our High Point showroom in April 2011. We are pleased to bring Mallory's work to NYC and be her first representation in the north east. For us, Mallory created an installation called Mirror of Venus, a new series of ten large-scale monochrome paintings.   


The new series includes ten distinct studies of blue, each consisting of multiple layers of paint meticulously applied over the course of many weeks—an arduous process that creates moments of lightness, transparency, and motion within a single hue.   In the showroom, the works are hung as a single installation, wrapping two interior walls to create a mural-like effect.  Moving from one canvas to the next, the representation of blue from light to dark, with varying moments of illumination and opacity. 


Mirror of Venus also continues Page’s recent interest in turn-of-the-century figures of female divinity.  This series in particular is influenced by the representation of Venus in artist Edward Burn-Jones’ own Mirror of Venus (1875).  In Burn-Jones’ work, Venus is represented as a statuesque figure surrounded by nine muses, together gazing at their reflections in the water.  Each figure is distinguished by large, swaths of color—Venus, in a blue that is simultaneously layered, fluid and transparent. 

"The color in Mirror of Venus is wonderfully rich and enveloping."

-Bunny Williams


In addition to Mirror of Venus, Bunny Williams Home also presents seven large-scale works from Pages’s  previous collections that explore hues of green, blue and pink.

Visit the show in person - Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm, 232 East 59th Street, 3rd Floor, NYC. Or, call to inquire (212) 935-5930.