Rugs are a subtle tool that can bring real atmosphere to a room. Whether you’re working with an indoor or an outdoor area, there are a few things to keep in mind to give your space the most impact!

Before setting out to find a rug, Bunny always scales a rug on her floor plan. Scale is very important and can certainly affect how spacious the area feels.

Once you’ve got the right size and scale in mind, you can move along to the next steps!

“A small rug in a small room will make the room seem smaller, because you’ll focus on the size of the rug. In a larger room, you can have more than one rug but it must fit the furniture groups. I find lots of little rugs in a room to be confusing.”
- Bunny Williams


Rugs can be a great way to tie a room together or bring warmth as a backdrop. A boldly or even more subtly patterned rug acts to enhance the color and design throughout the room. 

“For bedrooms and studies I like to use rugs that have wonderful texture and subtle patterns”
- Bunny Williams

Bunny likes bold carpets in dining rooms because there is less fabric to compete with, and much of the is covered by the table. Practically speaking, a patterned rug is very forgiving in a dining room or a room with lots of traffic as the pattern will disguise any rogue crumbs or spills!

Sometimes, a beautiful wallpaper or interestingly textured upholstery is where the focus should be - in this case a natural fiber rug is the perfect choice. A large scale, neutral rug can bring warmth to a large room without sacrificing the feeling of spaciousness.

When Bunny needs rugs to function as a backdrop for furniture and art she always opts for sisal or sea grass. Her line with Dash & Albert includes wonderful variety of neutrally colored options. Try the Twiggy rug as a base for a large living or family room. The soft feel underfoot makes it comfortable for the whole family. Layering smaller rugs over top can add depth and accent colors in the room without overpowering anything.

Patio season is in full-swing and the best way to make the most of it is by making outside just as comfortable as inside. The same principals you apply to finding a rug for indoors can be applied to outdoors! An outdoor rug can help define your patio or garden space and is a great opportunity to add a splash of color and vibrancy to the usual outdoor furniture sets, bringing everything together in a cohesive design.

Weather and the natural elements are the largest concern, so definitely choose a rug that’s UV resistant to avoid serious fading. Bunny’s Dash & Albert collection on indoor/outdoor rugs caters to this with UV resistance and easy cleaning. Try the Elizabeth rug, available in a variety of colorways, from neutral to bright. These rugs have a soft, wool-like feel for comfort, but can still be scrubbed and washed as necessary!