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General Care & Product Safety Instruction

The Bunny Williams Home collection is often inspired by nature and so naturally, various items lend themselves to terraces and screened in porches. Unless otherwise noted on each product, Bunny Williams Home is an indoor line of furniture and decorative accessories and we do not advise exposing our items to outdoor elements for extended periods of time.

MIRRORS: Bunny Williams Home mirrors should ideally be hung professionally to ensure their safety and yours. We do not advise using picture wire given the size and weight of many mirrors in the collection. D-ring mounting hardware is secured to the reverse side of each mirror for your convenience.

GLASS: The mirrored and transparent glass incorporated into the Bunny Williams Home collections can be cleaned with either a vinegar and water mixture or a mild household solution. Wiping with newspaper works best to avoid streaking. Felt pads should always be used between objects placed directly on glass.

GILT & PAINTED FINISHES: To protect the integrity of the rich gilt and painted finishes found in the Bunny Williams Home collection, never use chemical cleansers. A soft, dry cloth should be used for dusting. Felt pads should always be used between objects placed directly on gilt or painted finishes.

STONE/MARBLE: Special attention should be given to stone surfaces as they are natural and porous. Insist on coasters and clean with a clean, dry cloth. If necessary, a mild soap and water mixture can be used.

METAL: Regardless of the finish, metals found in the Bunny Williams Home collection should be cleaned with a soft, dry cloth and chemical cleansers and abrasives should be avoided. Where appropriate, mild brass, silver or copper polishes can be used on non-lacquered items. It is also best not to expose these items to extremely high humidity or salt
water regions.

WOOD: Fine wood furniture is crafted from wood that is carefully dried, retaining just enough moisture for the furniture to adapt to the humidity in its environment. Therefore the wood will contract and expand as the climate and humidity shift. You can ease this process with the use of a humidifier in the winter. This will also help to avoid drying and separation of veneers. For general cleaning, use a soft, dry cloth and never use furniture polish as this will cause a wax build-up over time. Use felt pads under objects placed on wooden furniture to avoid scratching and avoid exposure to direct sunlight as this will cause fading. Yearly treatments of a linseed oil mixture should be handled by a professional.

TEXTILES & UPHOLSTERY: Fabrics and upholstery options offered as part of the Bunny Williams Home collection are of the highest quality and so should be professionally dry cleaned only. Use a light vacuum setting for cleaning loose particles and dust and occasionally rotate any cushions to distribute wear. It is best to avoid exposure to direct sunlight (except on those fabrics that specifically note outdoor use is acceptable) as this will cause fading. Significant spills should be treated immediately with seltzer water on an absorbent white cloth using a blotting technique (do not wipe).