forsythia and six prints by john funt, 2022 (40" x 30")

Forsythia and Six Prints by John Funt, 2022 (40" x 30")



Framed dimensions are 40” X 30.25”

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This is an original, one-of-a-kind painting by Norfolk, Connecticut-based artist John Funt entitled Forsythia and Six Prints, 2022.

Framed dimensions are 40” X 30.25”

Oil on Panel

Artist Statement:

"Another entrance hall in my head, where blooms declare the season. Six lithographs in silvery frames carry the eye into the distance.

These paintings are inspired by my greenhouse and garden, primarily, and celebrate the palette I see in the plant world accentuated by each season. I literally divide my time between the studio and the adjoining greenhouse and garden—both provide a needed refuge. I will take a plant cutting to the easel and paint/study it. I celebrate patterns in leaves, petals, textiles and happily disappear into the process!

I find the use of vintage frames adds a collage element. So often a painting is a simplification of ideas. For me it is a process of editing and as such requires an initial complexity of color and detail which is painted over or refined. I seem to never tire of the simple forms of flower pots and vases and the elegance of leaves: green has always been the anchor."

Vintage wood frames collected for their unique beauty are chosen by the artist specifically for each new painting.

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