Hourglass Table Marble Top


Marble is an extremely durable, natural stone formed over the course of millions of years as heat and pressure forced liquid minerals through softened limestone. As the earth cooled, the mineral flow stopped and eventually hardened.

The Hourglass Table’s stone top is crafted of Crema Marfil marble, a material with unique and handsome variations. It is well-regarded for its beautiful cream color with light brown undertones as well as for its delicate veining and unique striations, which vary in color from almond brown to beige to gray. Each piece will have unique visible pressure points, quartz lines and earth markings, a precious record of its natural history.


To maintain the beauty of your stone products, follow the guidelines below:

Protect surfaces from scratching, staining, and etching by 1) keeping them free of debris or sharp objects, 2) wiping up spills immediately, and 3) avoiding contact with chemicals, particularly acid-based materials.

Clean with pH neutral products or those especially formulated for use on stone.

Remove stains with special absorbent poultices formulated for use on stone.